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What is Community Housing?

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Community housing is one of the most important decisions a patient will make when going from detox, inpatient, or residential to outpatient care. Community housing is the sober living component of outpatient treatment, whether it is PHP, IOP or OP. When you live in community housing, you are adding an extra layer of accountability to your life and ensuring that you will be surrounded by a group of like-minded men or women.

Community housing is conveniently located close to our center, in a neighborhood that feels like home. Patients are free to build ties within the community at neighborhood events, volunteer at local organizations, and spend time with people in their recovery network. Patients may attend group therapy at the center, attend outside meetings with community housing aids, or begin working and attending school during the day. Community housing aids will assist individuals in learning to live a fun and fulfilling life without drugs and alcohol.

Patients have semi-private bedrooms and bathrooms, community living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.
Patients have semi private bedrooms with televisions when they live in our community housing.

The environment patients return to should be focused on building the skills one needs for long term success. Community housing is our way of helping patients to be a part of a drug free, recovery focused environment with like minded peers and extra accountability.

Community housing can help patients get back onto their feet, our community housing aids will help patients learn the skills they need to live a normal, drug free life; from grocery shopping and cooking healthy dinners to relearning how to have fun without drugs and alcohol. Sobriety is about more than just living without drugs and alcohol, it is learning to do life with structure and integrity.

Our community housing puts an emphasis on creating strong community networks and lasting foundations for your long-term recovery. Our community housing offers structure and support when you need it most. Community housing is a very important step during the aftercare process. It gives patients the time and resources they need to relearn the necessary life skills needed to succeed.