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10 percent of U.S adults have or will have a substance use disorder at some point in their lives, and less than half of these people will receive treatment. This statistic isn’t shocking, what is shocking is that 50% of the iGeneration (kids ages 6 through 24) reported that they or one of there friends has a drug or alcohol problem, and 25% say they don’t know how they can get help.

While we don’t know if stress can be directly linked with the rise in substance use disorder and alcohol abuse, we do know that stress plays a big role in the lack of treatment. The stress of money, health issues and work are the top stressors American’s face today, according to a study done by APA. In fact, over 50% of Americans reported higher levels of stress when it came to the cost and access of mental health services.


When you or someone you love is suffering from substance use disorder or alcoholism, the last thing you want to be worried about is the cost of their health and future, which is why finding a treatment center that works with insurance providers and families on the financial aspects of treatment is important. At Foundations Recovery Center of Maryland, that is exactly what they do; working with in-network providers to help ease the stress of you and your loved ones, as well as easing the financial strain treatment sometimes puts on you.

Foundations Recovery Center of Maryland is now in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. When a treatment center is in-network, it means they have a contract with your insurance company. If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, we have negotiated a price, making it simpler to get your treatment authorized, making your cost less, and getting you into our center to receive the help you need and deserve.

Foundations offers comfort, individualized care and many different therapeutic modalities, like recreational therapy. Recreational therapy is designed to help you de-stress yourself by reintroducing you to the outdoors, hiking can help take your mind off the difficult things you are dealing with in life. Art therapy is also commonly used and can be a great long-term coping skill for dealing with stressful situations. Both proven ways to decrease stress are used at Foundations, among yoga, group therapy and after care planning to help you secure a positive, less stressed future.

Not only is Foundations in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, making it simpler for you to get treatment, but we also always assist you to find alternative treatment, no matter what. Nobody who wants to recover is turned away.