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Promoting Healing and Wellness: Brittany Van Devander’s Story

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Brittany Van Devander is the Clinical Director at Foundations Recovery Center in Baltimore. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Van Devander left town for a while to head to Miami. There she studied Social Work at Barry University for both Undergrad and Graduate School.

Now a Licensed Certified Social Worker – Clinical (LCSW-C) with a specialization in trauma-informed care, Van Devander has worked in the Substance Use Disorder treatment field for close to five years. Her work history includes working with human trafficking victims and addressing co-occurring mental health disorders among adolescents and adults.

“During one of my placements in Miami while working with human trafficking victims I saw that many of them had Substance Use Disorders,” she said. “Most of their parents had Substance Use Disorders as well. It’s a vicious cycle that affects the entire family dynamic.” It motivates her to continue the work she does in this field to break those barriers set forth by generations before them.

As Clinical Director of Foundations, Van Devander likes to implement Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into her therapeutic practices. She is able to accomplish this by collaborating with individuals to identify patterns of thoughts and behaviors that may hinder their progression to success. Van Devander enjoys assisting individuals with setting healthy limits and overcoming obstacles that can keep them stagnant.

Van Devander was drawn to Foundations by the diversity of personal and professional experiences among Foundations staff; this helps to offer clients a well-rounded and thorough treatment experience unlike any other. “The diverse backgrounds of the staff members assist in promoting healthy healing and general wellness.” The staff helps to provide a supportive environment to the clients that is essential in helping them reach their maximum potential in recovery.

The most significant part of what Van Devander believes the clinical staff contributes is being able to provide hope and support for those who might not otherwise have it. Not only does she thrive in this capacity, but she says “Being able to take the role of a change agent and seeing those vulnerabilities and breaking those barriers is rewarding within itself.”