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The Role of BHT’s

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Foundations Recovery Center is home to many different hard-working people, in recovery and destined to help others overcome their battle with substance abuse. A common job for those in recovery that are looking for hands on experience in helping the newly sober, is a behavioral health technician.


A BHT works one on one with the people looking to start a new life and overcome substance abuse, whether its by just talking to them about life, sharing hope, working with them in group therapy, or laughing with them at a social outing, BHT’s play an integral role in the newcomers first jab at recovery.

lauren smiling
Lauren enjoys her job as a BHT because she feels blessed to watch other's get sober.

Lauren is a BHT at Foundations, who didn’t believe she would ever have a job that she loved like this, “they say if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, but I didn’t know that could be my truth. I didn’t ever foresee myself saying and meaning I love my job! I love the people I work with! I love the work I do!”


As a BHT, you need a special understanding of the importance and significance of empathy and compassion for anyone embarking on the path of recovery. “Most of the employees are in recovery,” Lauren says, “and therefore our experiences are firsthand, as well as our knowledge. That’s what makes Foundations so special.” Being a part of a patient’s journey to betterment can be a humbling experience for the BHT’s. “There is nothing like watching the spark return to them after coming into the program, beaten down and broken, is inexplicable.”

There are several things that set Foundations apart from any other substance abuse program, the curriculum focuses on major aspects of helping someone transition into everyday life and society through vocational training, life skills, legal help and more.


It is said that A helps B – but B certainly helps A the most. Foundations staff truly works alongside the patients. The role of a BHT is not for the faint of heart, but it is rewarding for the people who chose to do this work and help people in a position that they too were once in.